Ultrasound Body Composition Assessment

body fat analyzerWhat if you could see your fat loss and muscle gain? With ultrasound technology, we can directly measure fat loss and muscle gain. For years this technology has been used in the medical field for prenatal imaging and several other screening procedures, but now it’s available to measure your fitness progress at Cuong Strong.

Body composition analysis with other methods can vary greatly depending on several factors such as hydration level, daily activities, and other measurement inconsistencies whereas ultrasound technology is extremely consistent and accurate with every measurement.

$120 for 4 measurements. Additional measurements: $25. Plan includes:

  • 3 Point ultrasound body composition analysis
  • Emailed and/or printed results

Ultrasound body composition assessments are included with the purchase of all Cuong Strong personal training plans. Current clients may add an ultrasound body composition assessment to their training session for $10.