The first step to reaching your goal is completing an online health assessment then after the assessment, we will schedule a consultation. Cuong Strong plans are customized to help you reach your goal efficiently; before we can get started, we need to know more about you. What is your goal? How much exercise experience do you have? What does your current nutrition look like? Do you have any special conditions or limitations? (allergies, injuries, etc).
1 on 1 Personal training in Sioux Falls – depending on your goals, most people meet with a trainer 1-2x/week then workout on their own 2-3x/week. We focus on form, technique, & exercise execution so you can reach your goals efficiently. Included with your training plan is a custom workout routine, nutritional coaching, and unlimited support. As you get stronger and leaner we will continue to make adjustments in the training and nutrition until we reach your goal.
Online training – depending on your goals, most people will workout 3-6 times per week for about 45-75 minutes each workout. The online training includes text/email support and workout routines with exercise videos which focus on form, technique, & exercise execution. The online training plan will change as your body changes.
Custom meal coaching is designed to help you to your goals efficiently. The nutritional plan will include foods you like to eat and work around your schedule. As your body adapts, we will make the appropriate changes to keep you progressing towards your goals. All you need is a food scale and determination.
I don’t plan on competing? Yes! I don’t have any exercise experience? Yes! I already have a membership somewhere else? Yes!
We recommend doing the least amount of cardio as possible while still making progress towards your goal. We want you to reach your goal and maintain your goal so it will be easier to maintain your goal if you are doing less cardio.