Contest Prep

contest prep fallsCuong Strong contest prep plans are for those who are looking to compete in a natural bodybuilding, figure, physique, or bikini contest. We coach you through each aspect of the show to ensure you are comfortable with the training, nutrition, posing, stage presentation, tanning, and everything else required to be your best on stage.

How It Works

  1. Complete an online health assessment and schedule a consultation.
  2. We design a custom plan to go from where you are now to your necessary stage leanness.
  3. Workout with your trainer 1-2x/week then on your own 2-3x/week.
  4. Follow your custom nutrition plan.
  5. We will update your training plan and nutrition plan as needed until we reach the necessary stage leanness.
  6. Practice your posing and stage presence.
  7. Spray tan and rock and the stage!

Contest Prep

$290 for the first month then $255/month. Plan includes:


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