Cuong Strong LLC’s Terms of Use

By signing up for any of Cuong Strong LLC’s fitness or nutrition plans, I agree to the following terms: I am aware of my responsibility to consult with my personal physician regarding my clearance to engage in strenuous exercise and/or a nutritional support program. I acknowledge that the Cuong Strong Gym is an unsupervised fitness center and I assume all risks associated with using exercise equipment and exercising alone without the aid and presence of staff on the premises. Cuong Strong LLC may use photographs of me or my image with or without my name for marketing purposes such as advertising, social media posts, and website content. I do hereby intend to be legally bound for myself and waive release of any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the participating training facility and the fitness trainer/certified fitness nutrition specialist administering this program as well as the program creators themselves or anyone in connection with them for any and all injuries suffered while following the training and/or nutrition program provided to me.