Sioux Falls Exclusive Gym Memberships

Cuong Strong exclusive gym memberships are reserved for our personal training clients and designed to protect our clients from bad gym etiquette. Exclusive gym members have 24 hour access to the gym for workouts beyond their personal training sessions.

Steps to reach your goal:

  1. Complete an online health assessment and schedule a consultation
  2. We design a custom plan to go from where you are now to your goal.
  3. Workout with your trainer 1-2 times per week then on your own at least 2-3 times per week.
  4. Follow your custom nutrition plan.
  5. We will update your workout routine and nutrition plan as needed until we reach your goal.

Plan includes:

  • 24 Hour access to the Cuong Strong Gym
  • Protection from bad gym etiquette

Startup plan: $60 for the first month. Month to month memberships: $40.

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