Sioux Falls Exclusive Gym Memberships

Cuong Strong exclusive gym memberships are reserved for our personal training clients and designed to protect our clients from bad gym etiquette. Members have 24 hour access to the gym for workouts beyond their personal training sessions.

How I started the gym

To build this gym I took everything I had at the previous gym then I took away everything I didn’t like…

  • Bad gym etiquette
  • Long term contracts
  • Minimum (if any) training for new members
  • No nutritional guidance for members

After I took away everything I didn’t like about the old gym, I was left with the Cuong Strong exclusive gym. A gym where…

  • You know someone is using the equipment because they are actually using it, not because their towel or shaker bottle is sitting there.
  • Nutritional guidance to reach your goal is provided.
  • We don’t force our members into long term contracts because we are confident our members will be happy. Everyone who is with us is happy to be with us.
  • Proper use of exercise equipment is mandatory.

Sioux Falls Exclusive Gym Memberships

$70 for the first month then $50/month with the purchase of a training plan. Plan includes:

  • 24 Hour access to the Cuong Strong Gym
  • Protection from bad gym etiquette

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