All too often, people want to lose weight and the first thing they do is cardio. Cardio increases the amount of calories a person uses which leads to weight loss…at first. The problem with cardio is that eventually, the metabolism adapts to the cardio and then weight loss stops. After the metabolism adapts to cardio, the amount of cardio must be increased to continue losing weight. Eventually, the metabolism adapts again and the vicious cycle
Strength training should focus on form, technique, and exercise execution. Once you learn proper form, technique, and exercise execution then training variables can be manipulated to advance the training. To master form, technique, and exercise execution each rep should be controlled and take about 2-3 seconds to perform each rep. This will help develop correct motor patterns and minimize the risk of injuries when strength and weight increases. For novice strength training, start out with
There are several variables to consider during an exercise. Sets, reps & weight (volume) are the most common and usually the only factors that get consideration. Others variables that are often overlooked, but deserve consideration are tempo, the range of motion (ROM), and intensity. Controlling the tempo, ROM, and intensity of an exercise can be the difference between progression and plateau. During this barbell shrug, I like to pause at the top for 2 seconds
The key to losing fat and keeping it off long term…